Friday, 6 July 2012

Next project..........

As part of my 1912 project I'm making this blouse.

Here's the pattern pieces laid out on the fabric. Ready to be cut. A scary moment :)
I'm working on the tucks here. Actually, I still am. Can't seem to make those few, very thin tucks and the wider ones exactly where they're intended to be! Grrrr..

At least I got the collar right with the lace part and all. I do have all the other pieces all done, just not the front!
I am NOT going to show any pictures of my failure with my post edwardian corset. Everything was going just fine until I started with the eyelets for the lace. I made 26 but only 5 of those came out right. All the other split of were mocked up in other ways.  Boy, was I angry when I hit that last one. I WANTED it to split.....and of course ..... it did....
Sooo....I'm now working on my regency stay insted and a secon edwardian corset. I had to order some more boning for that second corset. Hopefully it's going to turn out just fine, as intended. :)
I never saw this happening when I started out. I thought I knew what I was doing. Sure doesn't feel like that at the moment. Butit will pass and everything will turn out great in the end :)

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