Saturday, 8 September 2012

Here I am.........

.....with the Afternoon wrap....

....E0335 Ladies blouse..........

.......the E0200 Skirt with scallops....
and a strawhat made of paper (in China) covered with fabric, lace and roses. Alovely complete outfit anno 1912. I didn't use my chemise or corset this time.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Next project is...........

..........Soutache Trimmed Skirt – Vintage Pattern Lending Library #E0162

I have some grey, medium weight wool, black buttons and a black substitute for that soutache used on the original skirt. I will find something for the waistband somewhere in the house.

This skirt is not going to have a lining fabric. No need for it. When wearing this skirt I will be using a long-ish chemisse and a long slip. Why add another layer?
Now I need to work on the pattern.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

E0291 Ladies Afternoon Wrap, 1912

As usual Duke knows exactly what to do when I lay something down on the floor to work with is. This time the pattern for the the ladies wrap....
The Pattern is said to be for a 32 inch bust and I'm about 42 so...
.....I had to add a few more. But I didn't size it up to a full 42 inch I think. Maybe about 40 or so. Not that important on this garment for me since I'm not a big busted woman.

Here's the pieces for the outside of the wrap. I didn't take into account bias or no bias on this since there's none in the fabric and it has a lovely drape to it. I think it is a matt satin fabric of some sort. It's a leftover piece that I bought several years ago and I don't remmember exactly.

But it's an other matter with the cotton lining. As you can see I had to split the pattern in two to even place the pattern pieces on the fabric. This time I had to make sure that the front and back was on the straight grain and the "arms" were as much on the bias as I could get them. It worked :)

Here I have stiched the pieces together and it's not that easy to spot the seam line.

Well, do you? :)

I made tassels out of black and red DMC embroidery thread. To make them a bit heavier I added some bling.

The bling is ticked inside, I've stiched all the sides together. Just a small opening in the back to turn the whole thing inside - out.

Just before everything is turned.......

I need to press the seams to make it drape more precise. The back/side.

The front. This is not the finished belt, yet :)

The tassels.

Here you can see the lining. One day I hope to find someone to take pictures of me dressed up in my 1912 garments :) 

Pattern Description/Sizing
Vintage Pattern Lending Library, Ladies Afternoon Wrap #0291, Size 32 inch Bust

Did it look like the photo/drawing on pattern envelope?
It actually did  It drapes beautifully.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Sorry, I never read them........

What did I particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
On a scale of 1-5, I would give this pattern a FIVE – I loved the drape, and depending upon belt and tassel options, it can be made to suit formal attire or dress up a pair of jeans for a night out. It’s deceivingly versatile.

Fabric used – a heavier satin and light cotton for the lining. To avoid the wrap to slip down from my shoulders.

Pattern alterations/design changes.
Although I am a larger bust than the 32′ stated in the pattern, the dart placement worked out fine for me. Very forgivable design. The only adjustment I made was to elongate the front and back sections by about 3 inches.

Would I recommend this to others?
Absolutely! Especially for someone wanting a simply elegant piece to dress up an outfit, or a wonderful canvas for an ‘art to wear’ project. I think with a bit more clarification regarding some directions, this can be a great beginner pattern.

In conclusion – Would I sew this again…. yes, but definitely with a different fabric.