Wednesday, 24 October 2012

It's hard to chose....

.... and while I try to figure out what to do, I'm stitching away on the princess slip. All I have to do is adding the flounceat the buttom, lace around the armpits and the buttonhole lace around the neck.

Since I didn't have enough of the same lace, I take a piece of this and a pice of that. Who will know under all the other layers? Layers of this:
The best way to buy fabric is to collect a pice here and there. It won't feel too expencive either. What I want to do with these fabrics is to combine them.
Into something like this:
Or perhaps one of these:
 I just have to keep in mind that I'm not 25 anymore and need to take that into consideration when making my choice. Oh boy..........

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