Sunday, 16 June 2013

Blouse progress

You see? The first pice of the collar is almost done. Sometimes it feels like it takes forever to finish just one scallop but ........then three is actually done. I've never done this before and it is not perfectly stitched but it's going to look great when it's finished. I am wondering if this embroidery will give enough weight to the light fabric since it's going to be a single layer, I will have tp wait and see. I hope everything turns out the way I plan. It sure is going to be a summer blouse :)

By the way, see this:
I was the winner of the give away I talked about in the previous post in Norwegian. Not bad, eee? :D


  1. Is this your own pattern, is the emb yours too? Just wondering. It's looking great. Yes, I know this machine embroidery still takes a ton of time....

    1. This is part of an 1912 project from last year and we were pattern testers. This blouse is part of that project. This embroidery is by hand and not by machine :) That's how they did most of their clothes those days :)