Monday, 3 February 2014

Not quite Edwardian

There is a celebration going on all year this year in Norway. It's 200 years since we got our national Constitution. The reason we are celebrating 17th of May each year. 
 So I'm making a full regency outfit......just for the fun of doing so.
This hat is made of a velvet curtain that I bought for 3 US $. I reused some part of the strawhat I used for my Edwardian hat that I remade.

I have to do it right from inside to the outside. These are my short stays.

This is the sheer fabric for my dress.

This is one of the ideas I'm playing with.

I'm having some problems with the collar of my Edwardian brown dress.  Am not pleased with the embroidery and plan to make it over and not quite like what I've seen others do. Stay tuned for that as well :D

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