Friday, 30 October 2015

Blue dress progress.....

Have you read everything with small print? Numbered every corner seam? I've done my very best. Still I couldn't find anything about seam allowances or hem. The  picture of the different pattern pices do give a length of the skirt pieces. If I don't add any, my dress will be a bit too tight and too short. So I'm going to add that. If you are a smaller size you just skip this point. Better safe than sorry even though this is a first try on the pattern.
 I have studied the pattern pieces made out of paper as well. First the front part of the skirt:
 It wasn't very easy to get a god picture of this white pattern paper. I have added some of the lines to make them more visuable. This pattern piece is supossed to be looking like a accordion.
.......  something like this.....

 Then I laid out the right and left part of the skirt in an aptempt to see how it works together.
Not bad, but as you can see it would be best to add some seam allowances.
That was the front of the skirt. The back is very straight forward. Next you need to ask yourself how you want the arm cuffs to look like.
This is NOT a very good picture of pattern piece 233, the arm cuffs. If you do it as shown in the picture you will get a split at the top of the arm. The pictures don't give you any good idea as to how this should be. If you want the pointy top to be closed, you have to split this up and put the longest angled sides against each other or on the fabric fold 4 times.
Not easy to see but this one is closed.
Now I feel brave enough to move on to the fabric.

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