Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Look what I got in the mail!

I am sooooo happy right now because I got my Ladies Corset Kit from Sew Curvy today!  You can find the free pattern over at Bridges on the Body
But since this Sew along is over a year old I don't think that it is still ongoing. What you will find is the pattern and some great sewing tips and pictures.
The owner of Sew Curvy, Julia Bremble, alway gift wrap her orders and I really like that. Makes it a bit more special.

This is what's inside: the busk, the eyelets for the lacceing at the back, the laces, the fabric, the steal bone and their cases.

Instead of the standard fabric I upgraded to a more luxorius one: white brocade coutil. I can understand why it is suitable for a corset because it is really stiff but very nice to the touch.

 And here it is, ready to go! The pattern only has 5 pieces so it shouldn't be too difficult to make this. I hope I do it right cause I've never made a corset before, let alone wore one :) Exciting!

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