Wednesday, 30 May 2018

This will stay

I'm changing my blogging habits but this blog will stay as is. It will return back to mostly edwardian periode but with a swift vivst to earlier or later times once in a while. My main blogg is changing too and I will tell you about it later on.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Blue dress progress.....

Have you read everything with small print? Numbered every corner seam? I've done my very best. Still I couldn't find anything about seam allowances or hem. The  picture of the different pattern pices do give a length of the skirt pieces. If I don't add any, my dress will be a bit too tight and too short. So I'm going to add that. If you are a smaller size you just skip this point. Better safe than sorry even though this is a first try on the pattern.
 I have studied the pattern pieces made out of paper as well. First the front part of the skirt:
 It wasn't very easy to get a god picture of this white pattern paper. I have added some of the lines to make them more visuable. This pattern piece is supossed to be looking like a accordion.
.......  something like this.....

 Then I laid out the right and left part of the skirt in an aptempt to see how it works together.
Not bad, but as you can see it would be best to add some seam allowances.
That was the front of the skirt. The back is very straight forward. Next you need to ask yourself how you want the arm cuffs to look like.
This is NOT a very good picture of pattern piece 233, the arm cuffs. If you do it as shown in the picture you will get a split at the top of the arm. The pictures don't give you any good idea as to how this should be. If you want the pointy top to be closed, you have to split this up and put the longest angled sides against each other or on the fabric fold 4 times.
Not easy to see but this one is closed.
Now I feel brave enough to move on to the fabric.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A Sew-along?

I have never hosted a Sew-Along and never participated in one (can you believe it?).  But I downloaded this FREE early 1950's pattern:
You may join me in this project. There will not be any fixed dates for each step but i will post as I go ahead. It's a German pattern from a magazine. You will be downloading about 8 A4 pages, glue them together and trace off the pattern pieces.

 I discovered that the lines didn't fit together very well. Just go as close as you can and fix the problem when you trace off the pieces. This pattern is in cm (metric system) and not inches. 1 inch = 2.54 cm. The size is an european size 46. I think it equals a size B40 (USA). Not sure about the UK size.
I'm making a muslin to see if i got everything right. This is my fabric for that. Even this I wanted to do in a nice fabric and colour. If it turns out great I will keep it as a full day dress during spring/summer. All I need to do now is to not gain weight until next spring. In the meantime I will read the few instruction that was given in the pattern. Did I mention that the pattern is in German AND English? :D
You can find her on Facebook as well.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Keyhole Neck Blouse

I had a pice of viscose fabric that I wasn't sure what to turn into.  Most blose patterns asked for more than what i had. Then i found this free pattern by Vera Venus. The same lady that offered that free pattern for the 30's slip that I made earlier.

The pattern asks for 3 keyholes in the front and I wan't sure how to make them so I didn't stretch the drapy fabric. So I came up with this idea. I may notbe new ot others but it is to me :)

I drew the keyhole on the wrong side of the fabric and stitched down a piece of bias binding made of the fabric.......

 ...... to the right side of the fabric. Making sure I follow the drawn line and kept the shape. Then I cut out the tear drop and stitched down the binding.

 Looking good, right? As you can see I have not sewn the side seams or made the split in the back just yet.

 Here you can see the finished result.

 A close up....

 This is the split in the back. I used the same methode with the bias binding here as well but I did something different too. I turned it in towards the inside so it wouldn't be so visual.

 Perhaps not too obvious but the tucks are stitched down too as well as round the armwhole.


 and me trying to take some selfies ;)

My next project will be trousers and skirt that will go well with my two new blouses.  Since winter will be here soon enough I would need some shirts with long arms as well.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Retro or not...

Sometimes when I buy fabric either for quilting or clothes, often I don't know exactly what I'm buying the fabric for. But over the years I have learned to buy at least 1 1/2 yard if it is a kind of fabric I really like. This little bluse is made out of such a find I made at one time.
It's a lovely thin pure cotton fabric and some lace.
For this little creation I used a free pattern I found online, named Sorbetto tank top.
If you do a Google search you will find a ton of pictures of tops made from this pattern. You find different collars as well as added arms.
 I wanted a collar but it wasn't easy to make up my mind about what type I wanted or what style would suit me. But Colette has another blouse pattern (not free) with a knotted collar that I liked. So I copied that idea to make my Sorbetto.

I went for a collar in a contrasting fabric to match the lace. I thought about using black lace as well but that just didn't look right to me. I see that I could imrpove on my ironing skills though :D
Depending on what I add to this top, it would be good for any decade really. You can find this style in any era since the 1920's.
The thing you see underneath the top is my 30's slip. Not bad, he?

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Perfect under 30's style

Today, we hardly line dresses or skirts at all. I was taught how to do that during the 70's and never stopped. But when I started my travel back in time when it comes to sewing vintage, I discovered that they used underwear instead, slippery slips. Not like the cotton ones they used in to the 1920's.
I searched the net to find a pattern that could pass for one from the 30's. First I found this one:

I had just about enough fabric for that one as you can see (2 yards 59 inch wide). But the 30's was almost all about bias. So this would fall into that era in my opinion. 
So I went for my second option:

I followed Vera's great tip and drew the pattern out in full so I could use just one layer of fabric. By doing this I had just enough fabric for this slip as well... and on the bias. True 30's.
The bias is much nicer to my body shape as well.

Front with blitz...



Front without blitz.

The pictures taken with the blitz on, show how shiny the frabric is. I do believe it's a poly satin... and not my biggest favourite. I added a small bow at the front to hide a not very well performed front seam. I might add and top stitch with lace at a later date when I have made up my mind and I have the right lace. I might even make a new slip out of pure silk. 
What you don't see is that I used a round hem.

Saturday, 20 June 2015


I don't know for how long I've been lokking for fabric like this. it's 100% cotton and in a twill weave. White and blue. 10 yards of it. Is it enough?
Not sure how far apart the stripes are in real life but it looks good in the picture.

I mean.. you see it and you know it, but will the picture in your head match up when you're actually holding the fabric in your hands? 

This is a beatiful and classy suit and it needs a tight fit to look good. I'm really tempted this time.  I can feel the motivation for going back to 1912 comming along.... just have to find a new home first ;)

Monday, 15 June 2015

Finished blouse.....

I am not very sure about the timeframe of this pattern but the seller claimed it to be early 1940's. So I'll stick to that as well.

This type of button holes were new to me in another 30's project and I like the way they are made and how they look.

I can't believe how hard it was to find big red buttons here in Drammen/Norway. I had to order from China! Can you believe it? They are a tiny bit on the bluish side as well but that will have to do. It looks good anyway.

The back

Right side....

..and left side.

Here I used some left over fabric to indicate a skirt. Not bad. 
Something like these sailor pants will be my next sewing project ......

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Time fly...

... sometimes too fast and things change. Since I'm searching for a new home, I have left 1912 for the time being. BUT I still need some new clothes from time to time so I'm still sewing. This time it is from the 40's and 30's. First out is this blouse.
I planned to make it in silk and picked this dotted fabric for a test run of the pattern. But ..... I think I'm going to stick to it. I like the dots, the colour and how it behaves. I'll keep this as is I think.

 The second item is this 30's sweater. Here represented with one arm and the pattern.
It is finished but I don't have any pictures of that just yet. That will have to be in the next posting :)
I knotted it with baby merino wool and 2.5 mm knitting needles. It sure took its time but I liked it. I've always been told that horizontal stripes will make you look fatter, but I didn't find this to be true with this pattern. Why? Because the pattern has a snug fit, no extra with anywhere except for the puffy arms. Those really give you a wonderful siluette. 
This is my third try on a vintage pattern. Either I'm not as big as I tend to think or the patterns are more roomy than we think.Give it a go. It's great fun :D

Monday, 23 June 2014

Dress 4016 questions

Oh.. I'm a slow worker on this one :) Sorry about that.
Here I'm testing out my fabric colour on the drawing that came with the pattern. I think this is going to end well :)
As I was colouring the sketch of the dress I started to wonder about some lines in the drawing.
This is the cuff. Am I seing some piping here?

How about these bias band? Do they have some piping? How am I going to do that? Or am I?

There is no patern piece for the bottom part of the dress and that is fine with me. but what are the lines that I see? You have to keep in mind that there are no instructions to this pattern and no one of the other mmakers of this dress have stumbled upon these quiestions. I haven't seen any :)
Never the less I have printed the pattern, made some alterations (added inches) and am ready to go for it.....

And...ta da... my second try for that 1930's swagger is finished. Looking good, hee ;)