Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Edwardian Hatt

I bought a "straw hat" similar to this picture. Be aware that the "straw hat" you can buy today are made in China (nothing bad about that) and from 100% paper. Nothing wrong with that either but then it is NOT a straw hat but a paper hat! Oh well... I bought one anyway :)

Then I added some wire to the brim...........

.....and as you can see it is not milliners wire. Since there are very, very few people in Norway that are making hats, I would have to order things from other countries. Since I didn't want to wait forever for that, I used what I had. It is doing the job just fine :)

I want to line the hat with fabric as well, a bit shiny and silky .

And with some lace as well..

This is how it looks like from underneath.....

.........and from above. Bird's perspective.

Here's my "stash" of things I can use to decorate my hat and some more. What I lack is a couple of big feathers.

So, this is "me". I had to buy a dress form for this 1912 project and this is what I look like. Can't get my head around decorating the hat but that will come to me in the end. ----------in the meantime I am awaiting my corset kit and  about 20 yards of vintage lace. I have it from the sellers that the items are in the mail. It's hard to wait!

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