Thursday, 14 June 2012

Redesign for an old design

I have very little floor space, so after a few rounds of printing and cutting out pattern, this is how it might end up: a mess.
Since I still haven't made up my mind just yet about which corset to make, I started on project #2:

I picked a white blouse with a somewhat see-through fabric. It didn't suit me very well and it was way to short for my bodice. But still I liked it and kept it. For years.
That was lucky because it was very suitable for this project.
So I cut it apart. It took a while due to the thin fabric. The small sleeves will go into another project, perhaps for a chemise?

I would not have done this if I wan't sure of the number of pattern pieces. It was JUST enough room :)

I kept a piece of the old row of buttonwholes and buttons. I didn't notice that the blouse could have been given a wash first until I started to iron it.

So I added some old and new lace to the brassiere. This is the front view........

.......and the back view. It's hanging to dry now :)
Even though I didn't follow the pattern to the tiniest bits, I still think it looks right on spot agevise.
I like it and it fits.

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