Sunday, 22 July 2012


When everything went wrong with my first corset, I didn't want to give up on the pattern. Since by daily budget is somewhat tight, I have to make do of what I can find. Like this child duvet cover. The right kind of fabric and the right amount.

Still some extra cm/inches left over....

Here are the pieces cut out ready to be turned into a corset.

The busk is where it should be.......

A reuse of the lace from corset #1.

The basic velvet ribbon is looking realy good on the lace and I had to choose a thread colour to match for the flossing. Still waiting for some more bonecasings and bones, lacing to finish it all up.

This is my corset #2. It is all done but awaiting the lace. I am waiting for a couple of metal endings for the lace. It will arrive in a weeks time I guess. So next week end both of these corsets will be done! Finally :)

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