Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Two corsets richer.........

The first time I tried to make a corset I didn't have much knowledge or luck. I used the free pattern from Bridges on the Body and her Sew along
So I went for it one more time. Found some sturdy fabric, reused the busk and bones and bone casings. Reused the lace from the first corset.

Right side
I quickly wanted to make the most out of this pattern so I did some research on flossing. Quite interesting history behind the embellishment of the corset.

I didn't know much about lacing and laces on the corset when I started on this journey and it shows. The lace for this corset is too short and I need to add a few more yards. Yes, yards. You won't believe how many you need :)

Right side/front
This is my second corset, the one I had enough fabric for from the first corset. For this corset I needed to order more bones and a longer busk. I didn't mind, but it sure was hard to wait for the mailman with my post!

Left side/front
 The pattern for this one came from Festive Attyre and it is free (at least for now). You will find some really good information about making this corset from 1911, so go for it!
 Putting the corset on the body form isn't as easy as one would think. And I have to learn how to use the busk the right way when opening and closing it. I'm a newbie here!
On my body
Here is how it looks on my body. It sure isn't easy to lace yourself without any help. I can fully understand why the ladies needed a maid (or a mother/sister/friend) to help them get in to the corset. I could feel a bit of a preasure on the ribs but it didn't bother me very long. I became firmer at the waistline ( as wanted) and I got a taller postiure. Kind of liked that very much. Wonder if I would have said the same thing if I was to use it all day long :) Anyway, this is the perfect undergarments for my 1903-1913 clothes..........

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