Monday, 23 June 2014

Dress 4016 questions

Oh.. I'm a slow worker on this one :) Sorry about that.
Here I'm testing out my fabric colour on the drawing that came with the pattern. I think this is going to end well :)
As I was colouring the sketch of the dress I started to wonder about some lines in the drawing.
This is the cuff. Am I seing some piping here?

How about these bias band? Do they have some piping? How am I going to do that? Or am I?

There is no patern piece for the bottom part of the dress and that is fine with me. but what are the lines that I see? You have to keep in mind that there are no instructions to this pattern and no one of the other mmakers of this dress have stumbled upon these quiestions. I haven't seen any :)
Never the less I have printed the pattern, made some alterations (added inches) and am ready to go for it.....

And...ta da... my second try for that 1930's swagger is finished. Looking good, hee ;)