Sunday, 19 July 2015

Perfect under 30's style

Today, we hardly line dresses or skirts at all. I was taught how to do that during the 70's and never stopped. But when I started my travel back in time when it comes to sewing vintage, I discovered that they used underwear instead, slippery slips. Not like the cotton ones they used in to the 1920's.
I searched the net to find a pattern that could pass for one from the 30's. First I found this one:

I had just about enough fabric for that one as you can see (2 yards 59 inch wide). But the 30's was almost all about bias. So this would fall into that era in my opinion. 
So I went for my second option:

I followed Vera's great tip and drew the pattern out in full so I could use just one layer of fabric. By doing this I had just enough fabric for this slip as well... and on the bias. True 30's.
The bias is much nicer to my body shape as well.

Front with blitz...



Front without blitz.

The pictures taken with the blitz on, show how shiny the frabric is. I do believe it's a poly satin... and not my biggest favourite. I added a small bow at the front to hide a not very well performed front seam. I might add and top stitch with lace at a later date when I have made up my mind and I have the right lace. I might even make a new slip out of pure silk. 
What you don't see is that I used a round hem.


  1. Hei. Kan godt like designet, og jeg forstår det slik at det ikke er ditt design. Hvor kan jeg finne designer og få kjøpt mønster?

    1. Mønsteret er gratis og du finner det ved å klikke "second option" i teksten eller her: