Saturday, 1 August 2015

Retro or not...

Sometimes when I buy fabric either for quilting or clothes, often I don't know exactly what I'm buying the fabric for. But over the years I have learned to buy at least 1 1/2 yard if it is a kind of fabric I really like. This little bluse is made out of such a find I made at one time.
It's a lovely thin pure cotton fabric and some lace.
For this little creation I used a free pattern I found online, named Sorbetto tank top.
If you do a Google search you will find a ton of pictures of tops made from this pattern. You find different collars as well as added arms.
 I wanted a collar but it wasn't easy to make up my mind about what type I wanted or what style would suit me. But Colette has another blouse pattern (not free) with a knotted collar that I liked. So I copied that idea to make my Sorbetto.

I went for a collar in a contrasting fabric to match the lace. I thought about using black lace as well but that just didn't look right to me. I see that I could imrpove on my ironing skills though :D
Depending on what I add to this top, it would be good for any decade really. You can find this style in any era since the 1920's.
The thing you see underneath the top is my 30's slip. Not bad, he?