Sunday, 20 September 2015

Keyhole Neck Blouse

I had a pice of viscose fabric that I wasn't sure what to turn into.  Most blose patterns asked for more than what i had. Then i found this free pattern by Vera Venus. The same lady that offered that free pattern for the 30's slip that I made earlier.

The pattern asks for 3 keyholes in the front and I wan't sure how to make them so I didn't stretch the drapy fabric. So I came up with this idea. I may notbe new ot others but it is to me :)

I drew the keyhole on the wrong side of the fabric and stitched down a piece of bias binding made of the fabric.......

 ...... to the right side of the fabric. Making sure I follow the drawn line and kept the shape. Then I cut out the tear drop and stitched down the binding.

 Looking good, right? As you can see I have not sewn the side seams or made the split in the back just yet.

 Here you can see the finished result.

 A close up....

 This is the split in the back. I used the same methode with the bias binding here as well but I did something different too. I turned it in towards the inside so it wouldn't be so visual.

 Perhaps not too obvious but the tucks are stitched down too as well as round the armwhole.


 and me trying to take some selfies ;)

My next project will be trousers and skirt that will go well with my two new blouses.  Since winter will be here soon enough I would need some shirts with long arms as well.